Hog StrategyEdit

Army composition:

3 barbarians, 5 archers, 8 wizards (CC kill squad and clean up)

1 giant

rest hogs

CC: Max lvl hogs

3 heal


Base 3

  1. Lure out the CC with a giant.
  2. Lure CC to indicated "kill zone" and bunch up using barch, tank with king and dispatch with 4 or 5 wizards. Save poison for enemy skeletons, if you can.
  3. Deploy hogs with a two finger drop on the same target.
  4. Drop heals just before hogs reach heal area. Keep in mind the remaining spaces.

Note on heals: Placement shown is only a general area and specific placement depends on how the tide of war actually flows, adjust accordingly but keep in mind any empty spaces if all giant bombs are not known.

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