TH 6 attacking a TH 6Edit

Make sure your balloons are upgraded as soon as possible to be effective in war.

Strategy 1Edit

Ask for "Balloons for war" to get high level balloons.

Take around 40 archers and the rest balloons with 2 heal spells. The archers are to kill the CC troops while saving as many as you can for clean up at the end.

Deploy balloons in a large line along one side of the base. This is to prevent balloons from clumping up too much for a wizard tower to damage a huge group of balloons. Deploy the balloons on the side of the base that allows them to kill the AD relatively quickly. Keep in mind the direction that the AS is pointing and come in away from its field of effect.

Use the heal spells as needed. They will probably be needed most at the AD and one of the wizard towers unless the AD is badly placed (near the outside of the base), then both wizard towers should be watched out for.

Once the defenses are down, any remaining archers can be placed to destroy corner buildings and help general clean up of the base. Note that unless the building is a builders' hut, archers are better deployed 2 or 3 at a time rather than singly.

Strategy 2Edit

If the AD is easy (near the outside) for hogs to get to, the AD can be taken out by hogs and the hogs and balloons can be protected by giants. Note that you should have giants, balloons and camps maxed for this strategy.

Ask got "Hogs for war" to get high level hog riders.

Take around 40 archers, 6-8 giants and the rest balloons with 2 heal spells. The archers are to kill the CC troops and clean up as described above.

Deploy a single giant against the AD to check for traps. A second giant afterward can get the attention of the defenses. Deploy the hogs to go after the AD once the giants have the aggro of the defenses.

Once the AD is down, drop giants against each archer tower and wizard tower. Deploy balloons after the giants get the aggro of the defenses to target the archer towers and wizard towers. Once the defenses that can target air are down, the balloons will have free reign against the base.

Use the heal spells as needed. One may have to be used for the hogs to make sure the AD is down, otherwise just keep groups of balloons up.

Once the defenses are down, deploy any archers left for clean up as described above.

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